A cracking start to the new season this week with the L.W.Berry floodlight competition. A good entry of 26 on the Wednesday evening played down to the last 4 who bowled for the title on Friday evening.


The competition included the new handicapping. No minus handicaps for this season and the highest handicap will be plus 6. Eliminates those possible long games where a minus 7 plays a plus 8. Handicaps and the dates of the remaining competitions will be on the notice board by the end of the week. Let's support the club competitions and aim to get your name on the boards of fame in the club.


Weather was not too bad - bit damp at the beginning on the Wednesday but really mild for the finals night. Thanks to those who came to support the finals night, it would have nice to see more support though.


The qualifying rounds produced one or two thrashings including 21-2. If you were on the end of one of these then the only way is up from here.


Up and coming Jordan Hare had a close match versus the eventual finalist Lynn Hobson. He was leading all the game up to 15-12 but Lynn provided a strong run in to finish 21-17 victor.


Rob Haydock seemed to have the game in the bag against eventual winner Kenny Barker. Winning the jack at 16-20 down he got on a roll to find himself 18-20, one on at the end with Kenny bowling short yet again. Rob bravely went for the two chalks to bring him to all but across with the jack in hand. However he collided with Kenny's short bowl to promote it towards the jack - game over.


Malcom Thorpe played well. He had a cracking and long game v Chris Greenwood winning 21-20. He then came up against new member Simon Leeming ( without shorts - it must have been cold!). Malcolm led Simon 15-10 after being 10-5 down. Simon then had a run to lead 17-15. Malcolm hit back then to lead 19-17 but lost the jack to Simon. One telling end saw Simon next to the jack and Malcolm's first ball past the jack. Simon then had to hold his breath as Malcolm so nearly produced a match winning last wood, narrowly missing the jack which would have pushed the jack onto his through bowl to count game with a 'doublaaaay'. Simon then victor 21-19.


Quarter final results;


L. Hobson 21 v G. Jackson 20 - Jacko coming back from 18-13 down, bowling well.

K. Barker 21 v S. Leeming 18 - Simon producing a fantastic run from 20 -11 down.

L. Barker 21 v P.Binns 9 - debutant Phillip Binns playing well through previous rounds.

J. Ekins 21 v D. Franz 18 - Jean playing really well coming back from 18-15 down.


Semi - finals;


K. Barker 21 v L. Barker 20 - a family affair no love lost. Louis 11-3 up, Kenny back to 11 across. Louis on another run to lead 16-11. Kenny dug in despite his disgust at a wayward 'in off' by grandson. 19 apiece Louis won the right to be 20-19 up with jack in hand but a short lead let Kenny in who counted a doublaaaay to win the match.


L. Hobson 21 v J. Ekins 14 - Result not reflecting Jean's efforts. In the game and in front at 12-11 but then Lynn found a mark and got on a roll with Jean only interrupting to score her third doublaaaay of the match at the 20th end. Jean I am sure proud of her performance in this comp and great to see.




K. Barker 21 v L. Hobson 14 - Kenny raced off to an 11-4 lead only for

Lynn to win the jack and pull it back to 11-9 game on. Kenny then had a spurt himself and the 18-9 gap was just too much for Lynn to pull back.


Well done Kenny - first comp winner for the new season. Kenny has put a firm message out especially to his son Jason. He is going to claim his Number 2 comp crown back after relinquishing this to Jason last season. The challenge is on to us all!


Comp sheet and finals cards will be on the notice board this week for all to see.


Up The Edge and remember 'We bowl for The Edge for glory'.


Captain Obvious - aka The Gas.