Elland and Rastrick Mixtures (Viv Smith, Trevor Heley, Roger Stopford and Rod Greenwood) are finding themselves in a relegation battle and were against Clayton (Bev Shutt, David Moore, Tommy Harney and Ian Johnson) whose title challenge has faltered in recent weeks. Harney started slowly against Stopford and was 10-2 behind before getting back into the game at 9-10. Harney kept in touch to 15-16 without ever being in front but Stopford crafted three singles and a pair to wrap the game up 21-15. Next up Smith and Moore, another tight game with Smith always in front but Moore refused to let him get away and with the scores at7-6, 13-11 and 18-15 before Smith made the killer break, although Moore did count another pair for 21-17. Heley and Shutt looked like having a similar game to the ones that had gone before as they were level at 3-3. Heley quickly moved on to ten before Shutt counted another for 10-4. Heley engineered another break of seven to reach seventeen and Shutt managed three singles before Heley completed the game 21-7. Greenwood and Johnson were last game on and this time it was the Clayton man who started the better, leading 11-5 and 14-8. The next point went to Greenwood and Johnson replied with a single before Greenwood went on a six break to level the scores at fifteens. Points were exchanged for sixteens and seventeens before Greenwood hit the front for the first time and led 19-17. Johnson levelled again at nineteen and twenty but it was Greenwood who scored the decisive point to give Mixtures a clean sweep, 20-11.

The leaders Sowerby West End (Simon Leeming, Pat Skene, John Sharp and Baz Morgan) met newly promoted and Title outsiders, Crosshills (Rod Bastow, Barry Turnbull, Kevin Burnett and Ken Brenkley). Sharp trailed Bastow 10-2 before finding his length and had reached fourteen before Bastow scored again, counting a pair. Sharp moved on to eighteen, Bastow counted a single and then Sharp finished the game with a single and a pair. Skene and Turnbull were nip and tuck until Skene came through at the end to win 21-16. Leeming was behind to Burnett 4-8 but turned it round to lead 15-8, going on to win 21-15. In the final game Morgan fell behind 9-1 to Brenkley and could never recover going down 21-10. SWE taking the match 17-13.

Other Results: -                Hanging Heaton 16 Spen Victoria 13

                                          Nomads 17 Lindley Libs 13


In this week’s Plate games Greetland (Gordon Bradford, Pete Lea, Mick Shaw and George Simpson) watched their nearest rivals; Bronte’s (Martyn Benson, Tony Harris, Derek Pollard and David Hemsley) go down 16-13 to Pellon (Paul Firth, Alan Moore, Peter Steele and David Agnew) and saw an opportunity to widen the gap at the top. Unfortunately for them they too were turned over by Kirkheaton (John Green, Brian Parker, Walter Morgan and Peter Paxman) 17-15. Bronte’s only winner was Hemsley, Moore, Steele and Agnew all getting over the line, in close games, for Pellon. Greetland’s only winner Bradford was supported by Simpson with 20 and Shaw with 19. Morgan, Parker and Paxman were victorious for Kirkheaton.

 Asa Briggs (Trevor Kendall, Don Harrison, Malcolm Isles and Graham Heede) were well matched with Cleckheaton Sports (Geoff Thornton, David Griffiths, Janet Inness and Joyce Ellis). Isles and Harrison were successful for Asa with Griffiths and Ellis replying for Sports, a fifteen point draw.

Silsden (Lee Hicks, David Beardsworth, Derek Metcalfe and Alan Hughes) just got the better of Lindley B C (John Allen, Ken Ellis, Steve Haigh and Geoff Price) 18-14. Silsden, somewhat revitalised since the inclusion of Hicks, saw wins for Hughes, Metcalfe and Hicks, Price the sole winner for Lindley.