Crosshills (John Parkin, Lenny Buxton, Kevin Burnett and Barry Turnbull) took on Nomads (Gareth Coates, Phil Holroyd, John Armitage and Bob Hitchen) both teams missing their captains this week. Nomads provided the first three winners and the reliable Hitchen still to go on, it looked like a whitewash was on the cards. Turnbull had other ideas and another strong performance saw him home 21-15 and a final game score with three winners to one was 10-18.

Clayton (Alan Peel, Hedley Kettlewell, Ian Johnson Mick Skwarek and Tony Riley) were up against the last unbeaten team, Lindley Libs (Mark Sykes, Bob Dickinson, Paul Cooney and Pete Hopkinson). Skwarek was first up against Cooney and went down to fifteen, first blood to the Libs. Kettlewell just got the better of Hopkinson, in another tight game, 21-17. One game all. Riley then took on Sykes and came away with another Clayton win, again 21-17. The final game was Peel against Dickinson and while it was another close encounter the Clayton man came through 21-16 for a final match score of 18-14 and the last unbeaten record had gone.

Hanging Heaton (Pete Jagger, Steve Pinfield, Ian Smith and John Watson) against Bronte’s (Fred Rothwell, Derek Pollard, Martyn Benson and David Hemsley) was next up with Bronte’s looking for a change of fortune. Benson got them off to a good start as he beat Watson to single figures but Pinfield responded for Heaton with a single figure win over Pollard. Hemsley struggled to twelve against the left hander Smith and Jagger had another single figure win over Rothwell. !6-9 the final score and Bronte’s still looking to improve.

Sowerby West End (John Sharp, Shirley Dillingham, Pat Skene and Lorraine Hirst) were paired with Cleckheaton Sports (Jack Glazzard, John Ineson, Paul Fincher and Richard Cleghorn) in the last game of the day. Sharp started the ball rolling for West End with a 21-19 victory over Glazzard, Fincher pulled it back for Sports as he beat Dillingham to thirteen. Skene and Hirst beat Ineson and Cleghorn to seventeen and fourteen respectively for a 17-14 match score and every match today had been three winners to one, very unusual.

In the Plate Asa Briggs (Graham Pearson, Malcolm Isles, Don Harrison and Kenny McCafferty) were first up against Cleckheaton Sports (Elaine Binns, Dave Griffiths, Joyce Ellis and Richard Firth). Isles was the sole winner for Asa and Binns, Griffiths and Firth weighed in for Sports, 13-18 the final score.

Silsden (Lee Hicks, David Beardsworth, Allan Hughes and Andy Welch) were paired with Pellon (David Agnew, Paul Firth, David Gowing and Allan Moore) and yet another game was to finish three winners to one. Moore, Firth and Agnew bringing home the bacon for Pellon with stand in captain Hughes the sole winner replying for Silsden although both Hicks and Beardsworth carded nineteen. 15-16 the final score.

Rastrick (Alan Standing, Keith Richards, Terry Leach and Graham Hall) took on Mixtures (Roger Stopford, Viv Smith, Derek Hewitt and Viv Smith) from Elland and Rastrick, a bit of a local derby. In the first game Standing and Heley exchanged jacks early on in their game but from seven across Standing moved on to ten. Heley came back with a nine break but Standing levelled at sixteen only to see Heley move on to nineteen. Standing counted two singles before Heley reached all but and then conceded a further single allowing Standing to reach nineteen. It was Heley who clinched game with a single at the next end, 21-19 Mixtures on their way. Richards and Hewitt traded points to nine across from where Hewitt kicked on to take the game 21-11. Smith was always in control in his game with Leach going on to win 21-10. Hall led Pollard 9-4 and 14-8 but Pollard fought back and went in to the lead at 15-14 before Hall came with a wet sail to run out for to 21-15 for the only win for his team and a match score of 13-18.

 Mirfield Old Bank (Kevin Morton, Dave Sharp, John Green and Brian Scarf) and Spen Victoria (Brian Thompson, Gerald Bromley, Kevin Wood and Les Mitchell) were last up and there were wins for Sharp and Morton with Wood and Bromley replying for a match score of 16-16 and the only match of the day that wasn’t three wins to one.